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To say  that “we have fallen in Love” wouldn’t be an accurate description for this partnership, to say that “we are Love” is much more suiting.

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The Malibu hiking experience

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"When there are nice times, have fun. When there are unpleasant times, have fun. When you’ve got no one to blame, you might as well enjoy the journey."
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Going to play some accordion melodies this Saturday.
Hosted by @marilindarivera

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Going to Milwaukee this weekend to do make up for my friend Frankie’s film.

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Whislt in New York

It was my first time in New York. I had never ventured that far east in my life. I knew I was destined to travel from a very young age.So when I found myself walking through Central Park hand in hand with my beau,it felt like no surprise, it felt as if I had walked those streets many times, I was exactly where I was supposed to be.







i get the blues too

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Check out the awesome collection of print tees by the Bohemian Society, a collection I had the pleasure of collaborating on!

Get the Mujer X tee here:


Peep down the write up we got in Apparel News